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Vhashoman ‘floating’

National Mausoleum, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

As water at dusk, I become dark and reflect sunlight that during the day hid my waves within the warmth of its rays. In the sunset I turn into mystery, I turn into doubts and I turn into mirror of all, while I am light, shadow and reflection, I live and die with the arrival of the night to live and die again dawn breaks .


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In the foggy nights, when the moon comes through the window to sing while lulls in its rays of love, and like a dream I play around the universe feeling the music of the fire, with every beat of his song who  lifts me to  the infinity, where imagination allow me to see the fire that fills me. Waiting for rainy days to feel the freshness in my skin, feel the essence that I have being waiting to feel. My black nights full of nets stuck my thoughts in your figure, your smell your eyes but just the ghost of the unknown come to me, fire comes thoughts me and walk around my dreams.

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DPchallenge The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing challenge: Waiting to wait

I did not know what to say when my boss one day he came and asked me to deliver some paperwork to go to a government office. My picture (so far) has never been the most appropriate to present to officials or in general, people of high rank, always dressed in the best clothes for themselves and invite retract limit direct contact.

A trip from the visualization of nerves through the main thoroughfares of the city, came the moment of truth, the occupants of that office to enter enter only saw a pair of torn jeans, worn sneakers and a huge mane of curly hair with a lot of papers under his arm seeking information.

-One minute please, ‘they told me and invited me to sit in those chairs waiting to help you wait. Passing people and noise of printers, faxes and voice calling and giving help fixing me hammering my head more and more in my thoughts. Of people in suits came later and went before me, it seems that for some people it comes naturally go unnoticed. After years of ties and bags, it was my turn to rest my thoughts and chair, who had helped me and waited with me. I leave the place a little rushed, and already outside with the sun on my face, I could feel myself, in myself, in the world again.

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